Thursday, March 23, 2006

Check this podcast out

Matt O'Neill from Activ-Media has gone out of his way to do something that he believes in - getting the word out with audio or podcasting.

He pulled me in by Skype and had David Paul, Managing Director of B2B communication specialists, Imarco Frontline and Euan Semple from The Obvious? in his studio recently to discuss the role social computing could play during mergers and acquisitions.

Give it a hear and let us know what you think. It's our first time so be critical.

You can hear the results below:

Podcasts are going somewhere ... not sure where but I can say that they are definitely here to stay. Even the new Sun Grid, the world's first compute utility available at the low price of $1/CPU-hr in the U.S, is offering a test drive of a Text-to-Speech application developed by Cepstral. Users can render their text or selected blogs to mp3 ready for podcast.

Podcasts are becoming mainstream. Think of the education and social development reach. Podcasts are portable. Interoperational. Even altäglich.

Kevin Fagan of the San Francisco Chronicle served as a media witness at an execution, then recorded a podcast of his observations before he even began to write his story. 'It was different than his written description, but compelling in its own way,' comments Chronicle Editor Phil Bronstein. 'Mixing and matching media has a certain impact of its own.'

Even the New York Times, which announced last summer the integration of its Web and print newsrooms and added the introduction of podcasts.

What's the world coming to --- well, wait and see.


Anonymous matt o'neill said...

sorry to be pedantic. i only see audio or 'podcasting' as one of a range of channels to be used according to context.

in the blog context, i like audio due to its emotive nature combined with relatively inexpensive production costs. in addition, the increased ubiquity of portable media players is changing the way we listen to radio.

so, while i believe in podcasting, i also believe in books, video, animation and whatever else fits at the time. if such a term as 'media agnostic' exists, that's me!

anyhow, looking forward to the video conference next week david.



1:51 AM, March 24, 2006  

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