Sunday, February 01, 2004

Rules of Engagement

Here are the rules:

  • As of September 2005, there are about 150-200 regular commenters on this blog.
  • I receive a few emails a day - feel free to write and comment.
  • I read every mail but I cannot answer every mail.
  • I do have offline conversations - people phone or chat.
  • The visitors and commentary to this blog seem to be very smart. And opinionated but very cordial. We have great conversations.
  • Rudeness is not accepted. It's OK to disagree on issues. It's allowed.
  • I never give out names or email addresses. This blog is between you and me. Don't ask.
  • You will probably notice that my email isn't on the blog - smart people will know how to contact me. It's the first test.
  • I am quite active - there will be times when I don't post.
  • More about me? Look here.