Saturday, September 30, 2006

SHiFTing down

Got up late this morning and missed the speaker’s tour. Shit - woulda liked to go on that. Maybe I'll see a few at the airport.

I like these conferences - takes me out of my regular world and puts me in an emospace where I don't get too often. I do too much but I like doing too much. That's a real dilemma. I should do a presentation about it :-)

This conference opened a bunch of new questions for me - but one of the low-lights was realizing again that some people don’t realize the importance of what they are doing. Society has a way of penalizing unstructured minds and discriminating against what cannot be fully defined.


OK - that sounds trite but the fact is that we are creating a brand new world. OK – that sounds even triter but we need to get around that.

Listen up - the old rules don't apply to us and every member of the audience IS making a difference whether they know it or not.

But they should know it. We live and work in a space that has to walls – no textbooks that we must follow – no traditions that must be upheld. This is a privilege and a dream for most of the 90% of the working population that are bound by ‘experience’.

As workers and members of established industries and cultures are conditioned to follow the ‘experience’ laid down to them by a previous ‘successes’ or ‘traditions’, we are creating new experiences and traditions that is creating a new society.

This is true. This is not to be understated. Be proud.

The world will see a clash in the near future between the two common approaches to change. Western plutocracy is maintained by the hydraulic model of give and take. As I take, you lose – it’s commonly called a closed fixed sum model.

Eastern cultures relay on a more fluid model based on the concepts of yin and yang. It is an open model that adapts quickly to changing forces. There is no start or end to change – it is always adapting. Sum rules are built to allow win-win as well as lose-lose situations. Losing = winning.

We have to learn this.

Any ways, this can get deep and I need to take a shower and head off to the airport.

If you saw my presentation - let me know what you think here. Thx to the SHiFT team - good show!


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