Monday, February 04, 2008

The Internet is now Fair Game

Just so you know - the Internet has now changed forever.

Regular channels, including the media and 90% of the bloggers who blog about bloggers, didn't notice the IRC and the /chan/b/ activities and the 'sudden' arrival of a group of Internet activists known as Anonymous and their coordinated attack against Scientology.

This isn't an alt.2600 play like, 'c4n sUm1 h31p m3 w1tH h4x0RiNg mY sk00lz c0mPz?'

Here's a few links:

1st Contact (Jan 21, 2008)

Code of Conduct (Feb 1, 2008)

The Economist claims that,
'it [Anonymous] is promoting cyberwarfare techniques normally associated with extortionists, spies and terrorists.'
No it's not. Here's why:

The economy of the developed world is moving from focusing on producing goods (i.e. cars, houses, food, and computers) to being based on the exchange of information. This shift may be compared to the transition from feudalism to capitalism where the power shifted away from the landed aristocracy to the newly enriched bourgeoisie. Recently, the power shifted from the owners of productive capital (i.e. factories) to those of informational capital.

As predicted by Marx, we have seen a strong shift away from productive capital to financial capital in the last 15 years. But as the new access points to information increased, the ability for speculative investments to wreck havoc on national economies (such as Mexico’s 1994 crisis, Southeast Asian financial crisis, the sub-mortgage debacle last year) became clear. Each day over 3.1 trillion dollars is traded in international currency markets. Financial capital was the overwhelming power of the state - as we see with the Chinese government owning 80% of the US national debt, it isn't any more.

Now, the economy has entered a new stage [I have discussed new economic models before, especialy the XY model] and a new class has gained power. This new class of "info-bourgeoisie" have become targets as hackers fight over the 'technopower' that has arisen from the imbalance of information ownership. Thus the recent 'corporatization' of the Internet' and the public efforts to move to a post-capitalist and socialistic economic model?

Although they have only recently raised their public head, Anonymous, the g00ns - as well as many other backchannel groups - have been around for a long time and have been active for several years. They are very good at what they do and better at exploiting what they want you to notice them doing.

Some of these groups, as reported in the broad media, ARE a self-mobilizing collection of scriptkiddies (whitehat operators) but more [certainly more than you want to know about] are individually funded by corporate, government and military 'onint', 'intint or 'nn' programs.

This is not new - this is not the beginning - this is not a conspiracy theory - this is real and it is certainly is not the end.

Traditionally, following the storyline of Frank Abagnale Jr., who was hired by the Ant-Fraud section of the american FBI, the US, French and Israeli military has been the best employers and trainers of online intelligence agents to 'search' the Internet and 'gather' darkchannel information. The creation of 'honeypots' has been publicly downplayed for several years and the skill of these institutionalized hackers is extraordinary.

But as new money rolled in, self-proclaimed "ethical" hackers now work on blackhat operations for private and semi-public figures/organizations all over the world.

Sound like a Bond movie? No. Darknet is very real. There are a reported 5000-8000 DDoS every day. Repeat: EVERY DAY. That's not including other l33tspeak activity - and this is definately not lutz matter.

Hackers are move beyond their previous limitations (broad gender based, deeper politicized, and more concern for recruitment and teaching) and have now become hacktivists. They work with non-technologically based and technology-borrowing social movements in the struggle for global justice.

Humanitarian organizations need to get more involved with technologically based social movements or face difficulty continuing to maintain their power base to the new technopower elite.

Smart people can do the research and see where I am going with this; the Internet has changed and Anonymous (and groups like them) are now public. Their call to action on February 10th will be successful and this meme will not pass.

They are Anonymous
They are Legion
They do not forgive
They do not forget
They will be heard
Expect them

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Thank you. You have understood.

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