Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Future of Communication is in New Media Strategies

Here's a new one... c\net reports that fake commercials are spreading online.

The concepts of new media strategies and of new media technologies have been exploring resurgence. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen in all industries ... yet. From the book by William Gibson, called Pattern Recognition, he explores some of the more powerful techniques in new media strategies. New media strategies include the entire mediasphere and not only the world of television, film, the radio, PR and advertising.

New media strategies include a powerful and savvy attention towards online strategies, new media intelligence, and -- obviously -- less traditional public relations and more of a focus on the obvious tools of new media strategy: memetics.

In order to allow new media strategies to evolve, we need to focus on online communities, the blogosphere (the powerfully new media newspaper organ, the web log), portals, chat rooms, IRC, and the next big thing (at least in the USA, we have had this for a long time in Europe) in new media strategies is SMS (Short Message Service). Of course, everything is about memes and memetics, anyway.

In introducing new media strategies to the marketplace, we all will need to leverage fully the virtual world. Targetted communication to special groups (In my case, patients, scientists and regulators)has to be supported by senior management. No, I take that back, not only supported but 'understood'. This is my challenge and perhaps a few of you can contact me and help me out. I would appreciate it.


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