Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Reaching Out to the world - Part 1

I have the honor of talking to a group of very sophisticated and energized people at a British Council sponsored conference. Reach Out encourages and enables open discussion between young people from Arab countries and the United Kingdom about issues raised by the United Nation's World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

The discussions are in Tunisia and is all week.

Matt is blogging the event and it is very interesting. No hype - real issues.

Several groups are discussing which organizations have a stake in development work. Those listed as making differing contributions included:

British Council, United Nations, Junior Achievement International, EuroMed, CSV (Community Service Volunteering, CCRP (Centre for Conflict Resolution and Peace Building), Red Cross Youth Movement, Muslim Council of Britain, IndyMedia, and more.

One of the groups felt that developmental organizations' effectiveness was influenced by their composition, agendas, funding, community reach, amongst other factors.

One participant, Nader Houella, Red Cross, Lebanon, had a few words on his own work. Download the mp3 here.

Drop by the site and listen to the several mp3s that are available.


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