Saturday, April 08, 2006

Subconscious extranet

Just commenting on a few emails I just received about my last post .. and Matt's comment ...

With pervasive and instantaneous information exchange, what will happen when we are able to exchange information with other people and not even know it?

Imagine when you don't know who you are exchanging information with BUT it is influencing both of your decision making.

Imagine when our subconscious becomes an extranet - gathering, evaluating and filtering information that we are not consciously aware we are receiving. Our minds will be creating case scenarios (which from a cognitive perspective, we do all the time) and make decisions by analyzing information from sources that we do not control. This isn't subliminal - this is rewiring our knowledge process.

Studies show that multitasking (the replacement of linear learning process by multidimensional ones) is defining new skills in the youth of today. A skill that society still doesn't know what to do with.

I'm a hybrid - I have a job where I work but I actually do several jobs at the same time - often in the same moment. I weigh inputs and outputs and make decisions but in doing so, I often refer to information/knowledge that I don't consciously know I have.

Go exponential with that thought .... Nicolas Nova touches on some of the mechanics here. Jordan Crandall also touches it. Who then has control and influence over the way we learn and act?

Better we find out before others do.


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