Sunday, July 17, 2005

LA Times lets readers re-write the editorials

I know that it has already been discussed a bit throughout the blogosphere (here & here), but I would be remiss if I didn't bring it up here as well. LA Times recently deployed a wiki-based program that allows readers the ability to re-write published editorials.

Trouble stirring? Out of control? They call it wikitorial and as you see under the link - there been issues. As a culture, we're not quite there ... but almost. Wow.

I love the concept. True interactive journalism, without a doubt.

This begs the question if the wikitorial-ized opinion piece will differ much from the published editorial. After-all, we all tend to gravitate toward media that reinforce our own opinions. That said, people who tend to write letters to the editor are typically those who have deep reactions to media content - either for or against. Will a more conservative voice be heard in LA?

Hmmm ... you're not going to get me to make that prediction here.

This experiment is a wonderful move forward made by an organization that embraces interactive technology to engage their readers. I look forward to seeing how this program develops. I am sure their competition and the media establishment as well. Learn? Slowly, remember, it's not about the voice - it's the bottom line, stupid.


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