Friday, July 08, 2005

Why do I Write this Stuff?

I received quite a large number of emails and comments about my last few posts. As a general response to some of the requests, I will and do respond to comments but I don't write posts about specific topics on request. I don't want to show the comments on the blog - people comment directly to me, not to the general audience. It's a privacy issue, I guess and I do respect the privacy of everyone that writes me.

I do weave in answers to your questions in my posts but I will now answer the most often asked question.

Why do I write this stuff?

I don't really want to get political but the internet, for me, represents a true transfer of power. The only transfer of power that I want to discuss openly in the transfer of information from those who control it to those that don't. Look to what the internet has done to our world. Not the regular hype and bla bla. Look at the real change.

To me, it represents a true information revolution. There was a time where the saying, 'information is power' held true. But today, it is the use of information that exercises real power. The transfer of information has balanced this power polarity. and is making the world a better place.

Imagine - free information. Free power to change your own life. Free facts to evaluate. Free decision assistance at your finger tips.

MIT now offers several of it's courses online! Free! All you need in an internet connection. Imagine what that means to someone who cannot afford an MIT diploma.

Another example (besides the obvious commercial applications) is health information. A true social change is happening right in front of our eyes. Patients are now more informed than the doctors. Patients can now inform themselves and make their own simple diagnosis without religious, commercial or political baggage. This is saving lives right now. Imagine. The internet saving lives.

Imagine how that is shaping the minds of people in developing nations, changing attitudes, changing actions. War on terrorism? This is where is starts. Give the people the information they need to educate themselves; the information to make better and more informed decisions. This is the transfer of power that scares those in control. From doctor to patient, from lawyer to client, from financial institutes to people trying to make an extra buck.

The change is good. It's worth the price. That's why I write about the internet. It is changing our world. My world. Me. You.

Now, that is powerful, eh?


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