Monday, February 20, 2006

Off Topic - Blog Funeral?

I was Gawking and saw some interesting stuff. Read on if it's interesting but honestly, it's really about a bunch of so called Web 2'ers who aren't making enough money for themselves ... I don't think they get it. Thank gawd they don't.

'.. don’t know about you kids, but we’re thoroughly hungover from this blogfuck stuff. Last Monday brought New York mag’s cover story on blog hierarchy.

Thursday had Slate’s Daniel Gross telling us that blogs are so over, due in no small part to that silly New York article.

Late Friday, Trevor Butterworth at the Financial Times chimed in with his aptly titled thinkpiece, “Time for the Last Post

And Sunday brought good ol’ William Safire’s “On Language” column for the Times magazine, in which he explored — what freaking else? — funny words in the blogosphere.

So, have you all had your fill now? Frankly, we’re spent. The media meta-analysis (which reads like an organized masturbation session) is enough to make us prepare our resumes and rediscover pants.

Which was probably the whole idea. Very tricky.'


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