Friday, February 10, 2006

Creative Mentoring?

Googled 'mentoring' and I got 160.000.000 results.

Where are the tech mentors, blogging mentors, IA mentors, design mentors. Are there only mentors in the traditional businesses? I had a mentor at Novartis, where I use to work but it was different - management mentoring is used to make you conform or weed you out.

We have an intern in here - Yanan, Lu- from China - first time out of the country and what a rush of creative perspectives she has. She is starting to teaching ME some new views!

I have leaned allot about (and dispelled allot of my self-induced myths) about what's it like to be a twenty-something in China. Well, allot like the twenty-somethings in allot of places but the perspective coupled with a bit of cultural originality - it's extremely interesting.

Is there such an person as a 'creative mentor'? I think I found one.


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