Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tofflers counter argument ...

Just thinking ... the introduction of new technology will displace the hierarchies established by old technology and disperse power democratically to majority of the populace. Said something like this below.

In the years to come, such a revolution will greatly impact every aspect of human life in the planet. Alvin Toffler called this technological revolution is called the 'third wave' and has discerned its characteristics in his book 'Powershift' as follows:

"The electronic infrastructure of advanced economies will have six distinct features, some of which may have already been foreshadowed. These half-dozen keys to the future are: interactivity, mobility, convertibility, connectivity, ubiquity, and globalization.

When combined, these six principles point to a total transformation, not merely in the way we send messages to one another, but in the way we think, how we see ourselves in the world, and therefore, where we stand in relationship to our various governments.

Put together, they will make it impossible for governments--or their revolutionary opponents--to manage ideas, imagery, data, information, or knowledge as they once did."

Rest my case.


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