Sunday, March 12, 2006

Unconferencing leads to Unblogging?

We were discussing a while back a follow-up solution to the LIFT06 conference and I think I've found it. Check this out Laurent, this may be very interesting for you ...

The unconference starts with taking the people who used to be the audience and give them a promotion. They're now participants. Their job is to participate, not just to listen and at the end to ask questions.

Then you ask everyone who was on stage to take a seat in what used to be the audience.

Okay, now you have a room full of people, what exactly are they supposed to do?

Choose a reporter, someone who knows something about the topic of discussion (yes, there is a topic, it's not free-form) and knows how to ask questions and knit a story together.

This idea is grounded in learning theory. Moodle, the open source learning management system is based on social constructionist pedagogy. Good starting point to think about 'What is an unblog?' .

.. I can see it now: 'MTV's Bloggers: Unblogged.'


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