Friday, March 10, 2006

Mob Video Game - A Force More Powerful

Recently, at the LIFT06 conference in Geneva, I talked about the video game 'A Force More Powerful' - a social mobilization video game. S'pose to be released in 2005 but is now available.

'A Force More Powerful is the only PC game that puts the player directly into the role of planner for a nonviolent movement seeking social change-a role that is challenging, demanding, and sometimes even dangerous. Game play is governed by detailed interactive models-of strategic and political factors, ethnicity, religion, literacy, material well-being, media and communications, resource availability, economic factors, the role of external assistance, and many other variables. Tactics include such basics as training, fund-raising and organizing, as well as leafletting, protests, strikes, mass action, civil disobedience and noncooperation. Many game-play decisions involve selecting which characters and groups should take part in the strategy, and weighing the benefits of such actions relative to their costs.'

Check it out!


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