Friday, April 14, 2006

Message for the class of 2010

The currently enrolling class at universities will be the graduating class of 2010. What are they thinking? Why are they different?

Here's some very humble advice.

1. Bringing online behaviour offline.

Online or cyberspace is like 'training wheels.' On the internet, you may be experimenting with new ways to express yourself. You may be developing new behaviours and aspects of your identity. If you introduce them into their f2f life and relationships, you will better understand those behaviours and why previously you were probably unable to develop them in the f2f world.

2. Bringing offline behaviour online.

Translating an aspect of your identity from one realm to another often strengthens it. You are testing it and refining it in a new environment. So if it's beneficial to bring online behaviours offline, then it's also beneficial to bring offline behaviours online. Cyberspace gives you the opportunity to try out your new and usual offline behaviours and methods of self expression in new situations, with new people.

3. Web 2.0 is over.

The new WEB 2.1 is all about the on and offline mashup. Not for the rich or the 'west' - but for everyone. The new graduating class of 2010 HAS to understand the disconnected world before any aspects of the online world can be affected. Don't get caught up in 2.0 hype. Blogging can be opinionware at it's best. Facebook is organized and legitimized social phishing. They are going to sell your so-called 'user generated content' to the highest bidder.

Look around by using your eyes AND all the screens that you have. As a rule, the integrating of online and offline life and of the various sectors of your internet lives is a great idea.


Integration - like commerce - creates synergy. It leads to development and prosperity. Both sides of the trade are enriched by the exchange. If the goal of life is to know thyself, as Socrates suggested, then it must entail knowing how the various elements of thyself fit together to make that Big Self that is you. Reaching that goal also means understanding and taking down the barriers between the sectors of self. Barriers are erected out of the need to protect, out of fear. Technology often plays a large part in creating these barriers. Those anxieties too are a component of one's identity. They need to be reclaimed, tamed.

The next generation entering the workforce can make great changes - break down barriers - think and act differently. Start now and change the 101 courses that you attend.

Speak up. Act up. Measure up.

Don't just dress up in the costume that the universities are handing out. Learn to understand yourselves and where we, as humans, fit in the world. My guess is that the laws of nature will inspire you more that the laws of the concrete jungle.

Have a good long week-end everyone - I'm disconnecting for a few days to recharge!


Anonymous Matt O'Neill said...

I completely agree with your notion of universities handing out 'costumes'.

Not sure where I heard the quote, but i've believed in this for a long time:

'Universities are often a place where diamonds are dulled and pebbles are shined'.


7:10 PM, April 16, 2006  
Anonymous nigel said...

Davey-love it. lets start a revolution- theres no profit in peace we must fight some more!
love and hugs from the sunshine cost. Nigel

8:07 AM, April 27, 2006  
Anonymous David Galipeau said...

Thx Nigel - Ready to join the fight? I Miss ja over here :-)

9:20 AM, April 27, 2006  
Blogger webonomy said...

David, thanks - your mastermind thoughts hit me again. Have a great, inspiring weekend! Cheers, Reto

6:16 PM, May 05, 2006  

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