Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Comments answered about Web 2.0

Marc wrote that Jeff Jarvis is bored as seen through his blogging of the We Media event in London, UK. Actually - lots of people were bored. We Media Fringe could have been interesting but looks like they were bought.

Marc (owner of web 2.0 company - that is to say that he sorta knows what he is talking about and allowed me to use his name) goes on to ask me several questions. I'll try to answer some of them here because I think that they are great questions.

When the so called 2.0ers question the validity of the medium where they live - that's is something worthwhile to discuss. You can figure out the questions by reading the answers...

1. If selected C-listers links to each other in an organized way - you create an A-lister who then returns the favor. I have actually seen this happen. Like a well planned implementation of SEM/SEO with a bit of Google bombing thrown in for good measure, it works the same way with blogs and wikis.

2. I know of several companies that are paying for 'product placement' on blogs and wikis. I know of few marketing execs that have been rebuffed - most bloggers and wiki owners will take the cash and run - nature of the beast, I'm afraid. It is a legitimate vehicle to use if you can define the target audience.

Don't believe what you read - be skeptical of most A-listers and watch who they link to and what they write about. It's not just the blogroll - watch the body links as well. Quite a few of them are 'owned'.

3. The concept of Web 2.0 is finished - it's now owned by corporations either from a funding perspective or from the buy-build-or-renovate crowd. There will be a new alternative. I am not sure what but just as Bill Joy saw the signs in '98, the signs are presenting themselves now.

Like interWhatever, xWhatever and iWhatever - Whatever 2.0 is a has-been.

No need to rethink your business model - there are lots of followers out there that haven't figured it out but be cautious - the alternative can blind-side you if you are not watching. Readers are becoming jaded.

4. Most seasoned bloggers don't create original content - most just quote other sources of media or their friends. It's quite simple with RSS and Google news. They have run out of original observations and are 'trolling' Technorati. Besides the personal-slash-friends-slash-family blogs, most original content comes from students and academia but that's just my limited view.

Read another discussion about 'Strong bloggers don't link' ... or do they? Scobie also has a nice comment - and btw - Fripp is cooler that any blog

5. The real impact is organizational more that social. Social modification is a bottom up series of steps whereas organizational is a top down one - classic organizational behavior. Lots of blogs are talking about a revolution - that the masses will take over and the world will be different but look at what is really happening.

Always look in your own backyard as a good measure.

Milbloggers ARE getting the word out but what is the effect - the US government is planning on making the same mistake with Iran yet holds a publicly hypocritical position with India and North Korea. Big business is behind them because of the new consumers that would be created are needed to feed the capitalist machine.

Exxon anounces US$8billion in quarterly revenue and it's not gouging. Rome says that, 'Europe is a Christian culture' and the EU has agreed. There are 25 million Muslims in the EU, more than the population of most individual member countries.

The only real difference that I see is the growing indifference.

The public is becoming indifferent. They just don't care anymore. They talk the talk but refuse to walk the walk. I see it in my daughters, my colleagues and peers and within the academic fields. It's the 'making a difference vs. making a killing' argument.

As NWA said in the '90s- don't believe the hype. This doesn't mean that you stop trying - keep up the attitude and the small cracks in the 8 foot think wall will start to make a difference but we are a ways away.

6. Definitely 'the means to the end'. There will never be an end - but the way is a helloffa trip. This is why there is a definite power shift from your IT team to your creative team. It's organic. IT needs a 'end date' and 'end state' in order to function. All the creative team needs is a start date.

7. It's all I needed.

Thx for the email.

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