Monday, May 15, 2006

Event: Who Controls and Protects the Digital Me?

The Identity Mashup Conference is a three-day event to explore the role of identity systems (tools that let users and merchants know whom to trust on the web) in furthering or inhibiting privacy, civil liberties and new forms of civic participation.

A variety of parties — governments, technology companies, international agencies, non-profits, financial institutions, health organizations, and merchants among them — are clamoring for identity systems to address a spectrum of issues from terrorism and child pornography to identity theft and spam.

The proposals vary dramatically from national ID cards with centralized data stores and a single universal identifier to highly-distributed “user-centric” models with distributed data stores and authenticated anonymity. The goal of this conference is to examine the problems these organizations are trying to address and assess which solutions offer the greatest benefit.

Identity Mashup Conference: Who Controls and Protects the Digital Me?, June 19-21
To find out more, and to register, please see


Anonymous Matt O'Neill said...

This is a beautiful presentation on identity:

It's funny, but has an important message too!


10:45 PM, May 15, 2006  

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