Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What do conference delegates really want?

Just as an add-on to the post below, I think that product placement at these types of conferences is becoming pervasive - just look at the number of Social Media and Blogging conferences where the sponsors are also the speakers.

There are quite a few coming up in 2006 - some good - more wannabes.

I was looking at the 'Blogs and Social media Forum' in May - I was thinking of going but it seems to be a bunch of vendors pitching the audience - program seems a bit tired. The pharmaceutical, finance and IT industries are great at setting up conferences to promote themselves.

I am not hitting on these guys (my good buddy Euan is also speaking) but c'mon - I'm looking for impact - not how to make my blog rank high in Technorati. (OK - that was unjust but you know what I mean)

I want to see a social media conference that has social engineers, anthropologists and people working in international development or 3rd world projects; not VCs, Web 2.0 has-beens and the big media boys. I want to hear from linguists or from those measuring gender indicators - certainly religious, military and social informatics types.

Throw in a psychologist, a farmer and a criminologist - now that would make a great conference.

This is where I'll learn something more than just where to spend my budget.

After.the.fact: Read the review from Suw Charman - it supports my comments above and below. Got lots of emails on this one but sorry, Suw got it right.


Blogger Euan said...

We'll see how it goes on the day but I know that Lorna who is running it and Adriana whose thinking is behind a lot of it are genuinely trying to do something different from traditional conferences. However it is also intended for the uninitiated. It is not a Reboot or an ETech but a hopefully more interesing way for people to catch up with some of the ideas going around at the moment.

10:49 PM, May 05, 2006  
Blogger J David Galipeau said...

Sorry Euan - I was away getting blasted on the week-end .... I was playing with Technorati labels lately so it may have been lost for a few hours).

Nothing personal, obviously, but there are so many conferences that have the word BLOG in them - my fear is that the hype will turn into super hype and the credability of these blogs will fall. The numbers (both at wemedia and other reports that I have seen) shows that blogs are loosing credability - perhaps that is exactly what the big media boys want .......

11:25 AM, May 08, 2006  

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