Tuesday, February 07, 2006

2006 predictions

10. The resurgence of the UI designer. With so many tools and services shifting to a DIY delivery model, the status of the UI ("user interface") designer in the tech-business ecosystem naturally will rise. I met some lately and they impress me.

9. Fusion of community/customer bipolarity . Expect a new form of social measurements or analytics to inspire creative community creation. A community of like-minded users will go a long way toward filling the void ... social impact is the new killer app!

8. Alphas emerge. I saw it on the week-end in the mountains with some very inspirational people but in its most Darwinian expression, the rewards will come to creative minds who have been early to embrace the trend. That's good news for the alpha workers -- the ones who always lead, because it's in their nature to do so -- not so good news for others (you KNOW who you are)

7. Experts emerge so the alphas won't get ALL the love. In this new world of blogging and personal journalism, subject-matter experts have an advantage.

6. Welcome to the new breed of entrepreneur. Just as eBay created new jobs for the e-comm savvy, new solutions will inspire alphas and experts to go it alone - into business for themselves. And they won't chase VC funding the old school way - the barriers to entry will be far lower. I'm not sure where this ethically compares to the 'making a killing' of the dot.com era but its smarter, isn't it?

5. New social maladies. As I noted above, this is a very bright light for societies. In 2006, there will be public discussions on many areas of life where either government or business has abandoned the individual. Citizenship vs. consumerism?

4. New personal maladies. Think: Attention Deficit Disorder meets Chronic Fatigue Syndrome -these will get renewed attention in the media.

3. I talk allot about this one ... Organizations and government will finally compete . As the debate on "abandonment" ensues and the feeling of helplessness increases, a number of organizations - 4profit and nonprofits - will compete with government for the same space.

2. Opportunity for the traditional actors. The battle begins to bubble and empowerment will begin on the outer edge of the organization: employees on the front lines vs. customers on the check-out line.

1. The Queen will emerge. Yes, someone will emerge as the voice of this new era, and she (I'm guessing it's a she - perhaps Anina for candidate?) will have both the business sense and the humanity to speak to the lighter and darker sides of the issues. She may or may not have ADD, and she may or may not challenge the the ol' boys, but we're betting that she's a champion of spirit, charm and collaboration. And she's a dish to boot!


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