Wednesday, February 08, 2006

txt MOB

Whoever figured that mobile phone / text-messages were always a "good thing" for 21st century political organizing might consider this...

According to an article in the New Zealand Herald,Syrian protesters who burned and looted the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus were encouraged to organise by the Syrian authorities, and received text messages from Islamic study centres urging them to gather.
"The sheikhs told us to send five text messages to every true Muslim we knew urging them to participate," said a student from the Abu Nour Islamic Institute in Damascus. SMS is also being used as calls for boycotting Danish Products

This should come as no surprise. The networking powers we produced have created a situation that requires a great deal of attention. As the networks create or expose voids in the systems of institutionalization, it is up to us to determine how, positively, the social networking of the smartmob or flash mob is to be used.

borrowed from PersonalDemocracyForum


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