Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Geospatial web

We assume we can learn almost everything about almost anything at the touch of a PC keyboard. But the digital revolution is hardly over.

Now, the digital realm is exploding into the physical world. Already it means online maps loaded with information about the physical world, and someday soon, that physical world itself will be tagged and teeming with data for the asking:

What is that building? Who is in it?

Where is my dog? Can I send him a signal to come home?

Who is that man? Where is he going? Which social group does he belong to?

The implications are huge, exciting, and scary and the result will be a world alive with information. Hear about the ambitions and implications of the "geospatial web."

Listen to Mike Liebhold, Senior Researcher at the Institute for the Future, Christopher Allen, Founding Partner, Counts Media and Peter Morville, author of "Ambient Findability" discuss this interesting topic

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