Monday, March 13, 2006

Check out this flash\video, Epic 2015.

Is it? Will it? Well, I'm waiting for it to happen. But is Web 2.0 evolutionary or revolutionary?

As you know, often the A-listers are envisioning a world as we have never seen.

That's bullshit.

Ironically, the pundits put the users first at the same time they preach the potential of technology and companies to change our world. They need to decide if they are technology-centric, company-centric or user-centric. It's a confusing call and one that most companies or 'experts' have not quite managed.

Let's face it - nothing is important or impactful unless users use it. The hype has everyone talking Web 2.0 but adoption of technology in a socially sensible way is what makes a positive impact. I don't buy the 'any news is good news' banter. Human beings evolve much more slowly than technology.

Humans generally adopt only the technologies that let us do what we want better, faster or cheaper. There is limited user-centric value in technologies that let us do something we never wanted to do in the first place.

Social networking? The power of customer-to-customer communication to bypass old-world media gatekeepers to choose products? That's crap - we need old and traditional media - it's what we rely on at the moment. Maybe not for long? Well, we'll see but it's a few years off.

A thousand years ago people had villages, guild halls, and bands of merry men to exercise the very human need for a social network that supplies trusted information about a complicated world. That need continues as the means change.

That potential has nothing to do with what users really want and do. Users still have a tight circle of friends with whom they interact frequently and place a lot of trust. J

Just like my dad did. Just like my kids will.


Blogger Jeremiah Owyang said...

Good write up, this animations has created quite a big of conversation.

Thanks for the links!

8:05 PM, March 14, 2006  

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